in a Special Tropical Garden

All the guests have the option of catering themselves in their own kitchen or can request breakfast and dinner with us. We also have a nice BBQ place with sitting areas where the guest can enjoy their personal BBQ or buffet BBQ. Drinks, soda, water or beer, wine, and a selection of Takamaka can be purchased at the guest house.


Breakfast, Dinner & Drinks

Depending on local availability, we serve fresh fruit juices, fruits, cheese, La Digue jam, a variety of eggs, toast, and coffee and tea for breakfast.

For dinner, fish of the day with Creole sauce, chicken, breadfruit/rice and a variety of salads and curries depending on local offerings.

We are passionate about using La Digue products. And we are happy to serve German and Creole cuisine.

Our Services for You


Local juice, fresh fruit, and jam from La Digue, cheese, sausage, assorted eggs and toast, coffee, and tea. For the perfect start to a new day.


Fish of the day with Creole Sauce, chicken, breadfruit, potatoes, rice, various salads, and various types of curries. Depends on local offers.


Fish of the day with Creole Sauce or Coconut-Curry, chicken, breadfruit, rice, various salads, curries, hot chili. Depends on local offers.


Breakfast, afternoon coffee or tea, fresh fruit platter, dinner, or an authentic Creole barbecue? Please let us know your wishes.


In your kitchen, you will find a small selection of drinks. Notes: Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages can be purchased at our bar.


You want to surprise your partner with a candlelight dinner on the terrace or a sparkling glass of wine at the beach? Please ask us.


Seychelles: +248 258 46 05

Germany: +49 (0) 152 558 281 05


Coco de Mahi, Anse Réunion,

La Digue, Seychelles

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